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454 Sycamore Road
Santa Monica CA 90402

(310) 433-0049

Production Designer Richard Holland. Designs and Concepts for Feature Films, Animation and Theme Parks.

Richard Holland born in England UK moved to America  while working on the project 'The Last of the Mohicans'. He has worked on Princess Bride,James Bond,Indiana Jones,Roger Rabbit,Superman and created the Pilot Design for the series CSI. He currently has just finished Production Designing the latest Alvin & the Chipmunks movie scheduled for release this Christmas.


Theme Park Design

For my Fine Art Paintings and Prints please go to


About SlotZilla:

Winning the design work in a submission process,I was asked to create a themed project by Chris Brown of Contour Entertainment in Los Angeles. The objective  was to revitalize Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.The project was built and completed early last year. Slotzilla is a giant Zip Line that goes from one end of Fremont Street to another. The Slot Machine built is the largest in the World and stands over 100 feet tall. 


Initial concept for Contour Entertainment before we arrived at Slotzilla. 

Three sketches from a storyboard sequence illustrating the events from a themed ride under construction in Mumbai.

Plan sketch for Paradise Island,theme park concept created for Paramount.


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