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454 Sycamore Road
Santa Monica CA 90402

(310) 433-0049

Production Designer Richard Holland. Designs and Concepts for Feature Films, Animation and Theme Parks.

Richard Holland born in England UK moved to America  while working on the project 'The Last of the Mohicans'. He has worked on Princess Bride,James Bond,Indiana Jones,Roger Rabbit,Superman and created the Pilot Design for the series CSI. He currently has just finished Production Designing the latest Alvin & the Chipmunks movie scheduled for release this Christmas.


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An established Production Designer and Concept Artist in the Entertainment Industry, I was born  and apprenticed as a set designer in England and came to America in 1990 as Supervising Art Director on The Last of the Mohicans. I  Production Design and conceptualize for Films, I work in Animation as a Visual Development Artist for some of the major studios and  I design and conceptualize with Theme Park companies eager to secure projects.

More and more VFX technology is being used in motion pictures,much of it is replacing the more traditional set roles that have been used by Art and other departments.My passion  for embracing technology, used in conjunction with my vast knowledge of in camera techniques makes for a unique combination of experience and creativity. 

I am a permanent resident of USA, member of the                    ADG & TAG and hold a European Passport.


"High praise indeed coming from one of the most talented guys in the business.”  (Bruce Zick Genius Artist)

 "I appreciate all of your vigilance, tireless work, and creative agility” (Michael Hendrickson Fox Executive)

" Took the kids to see Alvin.  What a blast we all had! Really well done.In fact, it was the first movie ever where they both lasted all the way through beginning to end".( Wayne Fitterman Agent )

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work.  You are amazing!!!  I can't stop thinking about the beautiful art you showed us today”.(Annie Laks VP Paramount Animation)

"Your work is an art piece, and it makes me happy that people will see this movie and appreciate your artistry for millenniums (Michael Lembeck Film & TV Director)

" Your sets are amazing! Love the fireplace!!! 
(Nancy Rae Stone President of Production Beacon Films)

"Fantastic stuff. Truly amazing art direction.Congratulations, I can’t wait to see it.”(Dan Ginsberg,Business Executive)

 "In addition to your considerable talent, you are a world-class collaborator. I discovered this on the first Alvin. No 2nd unit caste system - you wanted the best for the movie and gave us every benefit. I profited from your many years of experience and great taste”.(Thomas Ackerman ASC Film Director and DP)

 "I was more than impressed with the film, the story was great, the animation was fabulous, Production Design was terrific and the factory turned out awesome. Really great job Richard".(Phillip Cruden, Creative Executive)

" You're truly one of the greatest production designers working today (hello..Princess Bride, Dark Crystal, etc... and now HOP),     an honor to have worked with you”.                                                                    (Matt Gaser Illustrator) 


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